Agoraphobia is typically known as a fear of leaving the house, although some people feel able to go out if they are with someone they trust.  This type of anxiety can be debilitating, and affect quality of life drastically.  It is important to know though, that things can get better – be assured that you can get Agoraphobia help in Selby.

Common symptoms may include panic attacks, a feeling of a lack of control, the fight or flight response such as racing heart, sweating, faster breathing, shaking, chest pain, a fear of enclosed spaces and change in emotional state.

Some people may find they are worse in crowds, or busy places, or big open spaces.  It’s different to each unique individual.

This anxiety can develop for a number of reasons.  One of which could be someone with panic disorder, who then leaves home less and less for fear of having a panic attack when they leave the house.  Or it could occur after a physical health issue has come about.  Agoraphobia can arise after a traumatic event happened when out.  It becomes an irrational fear, meaning that the fear is out of proportion for the situation that is feared.  However it feels very real for the person suffering from this condition.

Unfortunately the past 18 months with Covid-19 has exasperated anxiety, including agoraphobia in many people.  People that didn’t have the condition may find that so long locked in has brought this anxiety about.  I have noticed a number of clients mention their fear of going out has begun, or worsened, and anxiety in general is one of the most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy from me currently.   It’s understandable a fear of going out could come about after fearing busy places due Covid-19. discuss results of surveys done that include a fear of going out post lockdown and Anxiety UK “has also reported that simply the idea of lifting or easing of COVID-19 restrictions has led to an increase in anxiety for almost 67% of the participants”.

There’s a number of therapies and treatments that may help people with agoraphobia.  Some of these include CBT, Exposure therapy, medication, counselling and hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is where I come in.  You could have hypnotherapy in Selby for agoraphobia, or online hypnotherapy if that’s preferred if you struggle to leave your home.  Alternatively if you’re within 10 miles of Selby I could visit you at home for face to face sessions. Help with Agoraphobia in the Selby area is available for you so do not struggle on your own.

Hypnotherapy with RJF therapy will include a free consultation where we can discuss everything that’s happening for you and your goals.  We can work on the root cause of the agoraphobia as well as any other anxiety or panic disorder occurring in conjunction.  You would learn helpful tools and techniques such as NLP, diaphragmatic breathing and EFT alongside the hypnosis. If you’d like to know more about Selby hypnotherapy please contact me at [email protected] or through