From a slight sensation of butterflies in the tummy just before you step on stage, to absolute terror – sweating, vomiting, headaches, passing out. No matter which way you slice it, speaking to a large number of people is a daunting task.

 Believe it or not, you are not alone in this! states that roughly 75% of people have Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking in some form or another.

For many people, there is no getting out of addressing people as a group. If your job, for example, requires you to make presentations to a team perhaps or making speeches to large crowds is routine for you, then the prospect of this debilitating phobia can be a genuine obstacle.

However, it’s not all bad news! Human beings are only born with three fears, the dark, heights and loud noises. Every other phobia is either learned behaviour or as the result of some form of trauma or negative memory. While this may leave you scratching your head, and asking “What’s difference does that make?”, this is a good sign. If something has been learned, then it can, with a little time and aid, be unlearned. If your phobia stems from trauma or negative experience, then once the root cause has been identified, it can be tackled head-on.

Hypnotherapy can be effectively used for both!

Hypnotherapy can remove the fear, by tackling the automatic defence mechanism thinking or it can reduce the intensity of the phobia, making it less crippling, and less controlling of the sufferer’s behaviours.

Think of your phobia as an overinflated balloon.

Ordinarily, after finding out, you must address a large group – it feels like somebody has stuck a pin in the balloon. A fierce explosion, an extreme and overpowering reaction has taken place, leaving you confused and disorientated with no facility to correct it.

Hypnotherapy acts more like undoing the neck of the balloon. This puts you in complete control of how fast the reaction takes place. You have the power to slow down the rush of adrenaline to a pace that does not overwhelm you, and ultimately becomes more manageable.

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