Having pain can really affect our quality of life.  It can also disrupt relationships, work, or family and affect us emotionally, causing stress, depression or anxiety.

Some pain is ‘helpful,’ for example if you sprain your ankle the pain is there as a warning to ensure you don’t damage yourself any further by overusing your foot. Unfortunately, however many people live with chronic pain that serves no purpose, affecting our productivity or mobility. This is where hypnotherapy can help. It isn’t about convincing the mind that the pain isn’t real, but rather helping you manage the pain that you have.

Hypnotherapy can help with chronic pain that affects our life, and procedural pain such as preparing before a planned surgery, or a visit to the dentist. 

My hypnotherapy for pain aims to lessen pain, reduce its urgency, provide more independence, and cope with the emotional impact of pain, as a complimentary therapy alongside traditional medicine. By changing thought patterns relating to the pain this can make a positive alteration to the pain perception, which is why hypnotherapy can be so beneficial. It can also relax the nervous system which can help it become less reactive to pain.  This pain management can be achieved in an average of 4 to 10 sessions.

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