Stop Smoking

Stopping smoking can be a real challenge, but it is one of the best things you can do to improve your health.

Smoking is a leading cause of cancer and also increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes, lung disease and other health issues. If you have tried other methods of kicking the habit such as Nicotine patches, lozenges or chewing gum, then it may be time to think about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Smoking is both a physical and psychological addiction. The main physical addictive components have left the system after 3 days but what about the psychological addiction? This is where hypnotherapy can benefit by focussing on those psychological triggers and replacing them with a positive helpful method to cope.

Hypnotherapy can help to feel like you’re not missing out. The aim of my hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is to feel completely in control, no longer have the cravings that set you up for failure in the past. To not want to smoke, and not have those urges. The benefits of stopping smoking are countless when it comes to your health, and can also let you breathe more easily, improve your senses, give you more energy, help you to live longer, help your skin look younger, and can protect your loved ones.

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