Mnemodynamic Therapy

So what is Mnemodynamic Therapy?

This therapy is a process of healing, using a form of conscious regression to work on difficult situations from our past. We have all experienced challenging times in our lives or can shoulder limiting beliefs. The therapy can help lift the negative emotions from that time, in turn helping us in the present. If we’re holding onto emotional pain from the past it can keep us from living in the moment. Events long-ago may not have seemed significant then, or something we even think about today, however the unconscious mind can hold onto these emotions, influencing our behaviours, decisions and ultimately our reality. 

Menomdynamic Therapy does not remove these memories that caused us difficulty but helps us to accept them. This effective process can help to dissipate the inner discord, and release “emotional baggage”.

The aim of the therapy is to enable clients to move forward. This therapy works in partnership with hypnotherapy for fast effective healing.

I am a qualified practitioner in Mnemodynamic Therapy.

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