Weight Release

If you are serious about wanting to change your life with a more sustainable, healthy way to manage your weight the Hypnotherapy Weight Release may be just the option for you.

Losing weight by “dieting” alone takes a lot of willpower and in todays society of fast everything, working long hours and hectic family lives it can be difficult to prioritise ourselves when it comes to meal times. The aim of my weight release programme is to change your relationship with food and eating, and release weight in a sustainable way for life.

Dieting doesn’t work for most people, and only focusses on the excess weight. Cycles of weight loss, and then weight gain repeat over and over.  Statistics reveal that only 13% of people are still maintaining a diet at the 3-6 month mark. Why? Because our unconscious mind influences our decisions, and we can only consciously stick to a diet for a limited period of time. My weight release programme focusses on the reasons for the decisions that have caused the weight gain. By unravelling some of the unhelpful programming in the unconscious mind we can make healthy decisions and reach our goals without needing to repeat the cycle.

Hypnotherapy works by aiming to get to the root cause of the problem, the very reason people may eat when they don’t need to, and can boost self esteem and positivity. My weight release program is not about deprivation, counting calories or cutting out food groups. There is no need to be miserable while you’re on the way to achieving a healthy weight for you.

The benefits of weight loss are countless, from your health, energy, body confidence, fertility, social lives and motivation.

You can book individual weight release sessions, or a block of 6 at a reduced rate.

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