The Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis afterwards have had a significant impact on our lives. It’s not a surprise that many of us face challenges that can be overwhelming, stressful, and cause intense and complex to handle emotions in adults and children as well.

Public measures, such as social distancing, home-office work, and online education, are necessary to reduce the coronavirus spread. Still, they can make us feel lonely and isolated. Anxiety and stress have been increasing over the last year, pushing people to their limits. Financial instability, social pressure, and health concerns are major stressful factors that significantly impact performance -and health- to the point of a catastrophic outcome.

Getting mental health support will help you effectively respond to adverse symptoms, and learning to manage stress and cope with anxiety in a healthy way will make you more resilient. If you live in Selby and its surroundings, check the following list of organisations and professionals that offer mental health services and Selby hypnotherapy in the area.

A listening ear for moments of crisis – Big Communitea

Peer to peer support model has been quite popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers of the local communities form a network for mental health support, helping people access services and organisations that support those who face adversity and are in a vulnerable situation.

Advocacy and mental health support in York – York Mind 

An independent mental health charity helps locals secure their rights and access services they need, offering advocates who work with the people in need and take their side. Along with advocacy, the charity provides professional mental health support services, promoting emotional well-being and recovery from mental health problems.

Sexual health counselling – Yorkshire MESMAC

Yorkshire MESMAC is one of the oldest sexual health organisation in the UK, offering services to various local communities, such as LGBT+ young people, commercial sex workers, people of colour, trans and other marginalised communities. The organisation promotes sexual health and provides counselling services, free rapid HIV testing, sexual health information, resources, and training.

Hypnotherapy with a fully qualified Hypnotherapist – Hypnotherapy in Selby  

Hypnotherapy in Selby has helped many people from Selby and the surrounding areas (Pontefract, Castleford, Knottingley, Hambleton, South Milford etc) overcome fears and limitations, let go of unwanted thoughts, and reach their goals. Hypnotherapy can help you cope with issues such as grief, pain management, depression, trauma, phobias, and much more.

Therapeutic hypnotherapy promotes mental health through deep relaxation in a safe and peaceful environment. Hypnotherapy is a natural and safe method; the client has complete control and can hear every word. You can “wake up” at any moment. While you are in a relaxed state, the experienced hypnotherapist makes suggestions that align with your goals and help you identify the root of whatever holds you back.

Hypnotherapy aims to bring about life-changing and long-lasting results at a deep level with an excellent success rate. Along with hypnotherapy, RJF Therapy offers other treatments too, such as mnemodynamic therapy and NLP.

Other services that may be helpful for people living around Selby such as Tadcaster, Kippax, Monk Fryston, Garforth Wakefield etc are below:

York and Selby IAPT service (to increase the availability of talking therapy treatments in the Vale of York for issues such as phobias, OCD, depression and anxiey):

Out of hours walk in service for Selby and York for over 16’s:

Emotional and other support for carers based around Selby:

Selby support for emotional and mental distress:

Goole relationship and children’s counselling by Relate:

Selby Unicorns LGBTQ+ Youth Group:

North Yorkshire mental health helpline details:

Depression and anxiety self assessment quiz by NHS:

The list is not exhaustive of course and due to Covid some of the services may be limited at this time.