Many congratulations on your pregnancy!  If you’re considering hypnobirthing and wondering if it’s for you then please know hypnobirthing is ideal for every single type of birth.  It’s for 1st time parents, 2nd time parents, birth partners and anyone who has already investigated birth techniques.  Whether this is your 1st baby or you have given birth before hypnobirthing is a fresh start to enable you to have a positive experience. 

I am a therapist based in Selby but have seen clients from Leeds, York and of course the surrounding towns and villages of Selby including Goole, South Milford and Hambleton etc.  Hypnobirthing is equally as effective online so wherever you are you can contact me today. 

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a package of sessions any time after the 1st trimester, that prepare you for your baby’s birth so that you can look forward with excitement, a calm mind and confidence. These can take place as a group or individually (birth partner included).  Once you have passed 12 weeks you can’t start too soon.  The longer you have to practice breathing techniques and relaxation the better!

Hypnobirthing classes cover the science of the birth process, pregnancy, the hormones, and how anxiety can affect the process. Knowledge is power, and you and your birth partner can learn the science so you can feel in control. 

The other side of hypnobirthing classes is learning techniques to empower you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. You will learn breathing, self-hypnosis, visualisation, and methods to relax you through your journey. You will also receive direct suggestions.

Fundamentally hypnobirthing informs you to work with your body and not against it with necessary techniques to enable this and to enable a birth partner to feel confident, and able to support you through it. Hypnobirthing can reduce or even eliminate pain, enhance bonding, increase energy post birth as well as provide a shorter birthing process.  And of course, relieve any fear or tension you have around the pregnancy or birth.

How do classes work?

Individual classes (birth partner included as optional) will be 4 classes over 4 weeks, where you will learn what you need to, for successful hypnobirthing.  This will also include hypnotherapy suggestions from me to you including a choice from a range of options including morning sickness, bonding with baby and anxiety.  The classes also include a script for your birth partner to read to you, other materials to take away and a recording you can listen to when going through your journey.  These can be face to face or online.  If you opt to have further hypnotherapy sessions during your pregnancy you will receive a 25% discount on these on the usual rate of £65 a session. 

Group classes for hypnobirthing will be online, perfect for those nationwide, or in the Selby area, and you can attend alone or with a birth partner.  Spaces are limited to 6 per group (not including birth partners) to ensure everyone can ask questions and receive the necessary attention.  The sessions will be 4 classes over 4 weeks and include a script for your birth partner to read to you, other materials to take away and a recording you can listen to when going through your journey.  Please contact me for upcoming group class dates. 

Individual classes with all that’s included above – £250
Group classes with all that’s included above – £160

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